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A large professional network of contacts — LinkedIn — is undeservedly deprived of the attention of many companies. We are ready to reveal the advantages of this social network for you and prove that competent promotion on LinkedIn is effective.

Here, you can focus on the texts and use to increase the efficiency of your promotion company. Let us discover useful details on how to make this platform your top priority for marketing purposes and get fascinating results.

Why is it reasonable to join LinkedIn?

There are different reasons to join LinkedIn but at least five of them play a key role, namely:

1. The four times higher engagement

The reason for such striking differences in the degree of user engagement is the purpose of the visit. The LinkedIn audience visits the social network to search for extended information about the company and clarify its coordinates and contact details. Therefore, you can get more clicks to the company’s website from LinkedIn.

2. Wide coverage of statuses

LinkedIn’s organic reach algorithms are different from other networks, so the company’s updated status covers about 20% of the target audience.

3. More than half of international companies already have profiles on LinkedIn

According to the world business publication Forbes, about 57% of the leading companies have already registered on this network and are actively promoting via it.

4. Conversions here are higher than on Facebook

According to the online marketing service HubSpot, LinkedIn has a 2% higher conversion rate than Facebook. The reason is the interested target audience.

5. Interception of the audience

There is a tendency to increase the depth of views and user engagement in the professional network LinkedIn. Therefore, without having a company profile there, you lose your audience.

Therefore, you can find and reach exactly the target audience and thus promote your company in a very efficient and convenient way. Moreover, you can expand your team and meet professionals with whom it is worth cooperating. No wonder this platform has become so popular.

Marketing strategies on LinkedIn and their implementation

Now that you are convinced that LinkedIn is a working platform for effective promotion, let us discuss a successful content strategy on this social network:

In addition, you can conduct your promotion on LinkedIn in two ways — passively and actively.

The passive strategy simply involves creating your LinkedIn profile and maintaining it. Users can independently search for a company, find out its news, and establish contact with its employees to establish partnerships.

An active strategy involves more action and time but can bring more results. If you chose it, you can benefit from the following components:

Choose your LinkedIn promotion strategy and share only high-quality and competent content. In this professional network, you will find those you are looking for, whether they are clients or partners.

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